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Peer-Reviewed Publications

The interdisciplinary nature of our research is reflected in our scientific publications. We have published in a diverse range of highly ranked scientific journals across multiple disciplines (e.g., Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Biodiversity Conservation, International Relations, Computer Science, and Geography) and occasionally have published in the top multidisciplinary science journals (e.g., Nature, Science, PNAS). The most up-to-date list of our publications is found on Google Scholar, here!

Multimedia Publications

We also like to communicate our research in other formats, including short films, on the radio, or in newsletters. Here are a few examples:

UQx Massive Online Course, Tropical Marine Ecosystems, Lectures by Carissa Klein

We have also been featured in a number of issues of Decision Point: #96 (1), #96 (2), #79, #70, #65, #44 🐡

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